I am an Accredited Professional Photographer who has met the AIPP accreditation standards and is a current AIPP member.

I pride myself in capturing and uniquely stylising precious images of your pregnancy, the little miracle that you created and all the milestones throughout life that are meaningful to you. Truly, these moments fly by so quickly and your memory of them should be captured professionally.  

I am a perfectionist and I dedicate as much time and attention necessary during your session to get things right.  I love babies and children and will work with them until they are comfortable and relaxed in their faces and bodies before rushing through set ups.  I want clients to absolutely love their photographs enough to want to print and hang them on their walls.  My mission is to make every one of my clients look at their photos and adore what they see.

When you commission a professional photographer, you are paying for their expertise, the utmost importance they hold with regards to the safety of your family and newborn baby during sessions, their talent, time and also the fact that they will capture your images perfectly, the first time.


Newborn Safety:


Your baby's safety and comfort has to be a priority to a photographer.  During newborn sessions, you are entrusting your photographer to hold, soothe, and pose your brand new baby often in and on props. You need to trust that this person knows what they are doing, just as you would with any professional. As a mother to 4 children and a newborn photographer, I have years of experience in soothing, calming and posing babies, all skills necessary for a successful session. Many of the poses and images you see of babies in hanging nests, swings or the popular "head in hands" pose you see in my galleries are composite images.  I have supported the baby the entire time and taken a series of shots to later on edit together to create the illusion that the baby is on these props or in these poses without that support. A worrying fact is that many inexperienced photographers do not take the same care and have not researched the safe way to take images like these and attempt them regardless of this just to get the shot.


Education & Hands on Experience:


I have and will continue to invest thousands of dollars to attend workshops with award winning photographers that specialise in the art of newborn photography.  I have learnt from a few of the best newborn photographers worldwide but have also held around 200 sessions over the last 2 years working professionally in this field.  I make a commitment to every client that I will produce the best possible photographs for them that I can and am always striving for perfection in my art.  Perfection and quality is worth more to me than quantity. Safety and client confidence in me is just as important.


What also differentiates an amateur photographer from a professional is consistency.  Ensure that the work you view is consistently great. You do get what you pay for.  Do you really want 50-100 images with only 2-3 decent ones in the set or 10-25 brilliant images worth of printing for your walls?  What will you do with a disc of 50-100 images?  In another 8 weeks, your baby will be smiling and be changing already. By 7+ months you may want images of your baby sitting up.  The important thing is the quality not the quantity.  Newborn sessions seldom bring 50-100 unique images.  Each image you see in my galleries has taken me time to create, photograph and professionally edit.


Equipment and Props:


I work with over $35,000 worth of professional grade equipment (cameras, lenses, studio lighting, computers and the latest editing software). Although professional cameras are reasonably accessible to consumers, what matters most is the skill it takes to manually and creatively use that equipment. I have a collection of over $20,000 worth of quality props such as quality blankets, fabrics, bonnets, headbands, nests, buckets, flooring and backdrops to ensure a wide variety of beautiful set-ups that are unique to each client's session. Many of my images include fresh flowers, and disposable items that can be used just once. 




Besides the time working at the session, there is an additional minimum of 10+ hours of behind-the-scenes work that the client does not see and here is a general breakdown of my time per newborn session:


2-3 hours - Setting up the studio, preparing props, driving to the flower market for fresh flowers, planning workflow and shots

3-5 hours - Session time (depends on how settled each baby is / how cooperative siblings may be)

8-15 hours - Upload images from the session. Select and edit photos (color correction, toning and retouching). If your gallery includes technically difficult shots (baby hanging from a tree branch or prop, posing sitting up, etc), then extra Photoshop steps are needed.

2-4 hours - Set up the online gallery. Process retouching requests and email back and forth to clients with selections.

1-2 hours - collecting and checking quality of prints, packaging and posting.

1-2 hours, washing, cleaning and sanitising my props and space for the next session.


Time spent for me to provide a photography package can range from 17 – 30 + hours. Because professional photography is time and labour intensive, I only accept limited bookings per month to ensure I have enough quality time to plan for and create each client's session and resulting images, and accommodate the fact that babies are frequently earlier and later than due dates. 

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